Exhibit at Brick Lane Gallery in London

I'm looking forward to the exhibit at the Brick Lane Gallery in February.

A step in the right direction, this together with other very interesting artists.

Hope to see some there!

Update: a brief review of the exhibit by ici-Londres.

Saatchi Gallery

Dear Sandra Roduit,

Congratulations! Your artwork with title Life as it is has been approved and will start appearing with other works on screen at the 2nd floor of the Saatchi Gallery in the next 24 hours. Your work will remain in the loop as long as the screen is up. This is an ongoing project and an end date has not been decided yet.

Your artwork will be in rotation with other selected artworks.

Saatchi Gallery


Château Relaxart is moving to London

By mid to end of August 2015 I will move back to London.
I never really had closure with this city and England, so I'm giving it another try.
I'm looking forward to this new adventure!

Sandra Roduit, Château Relaxart 

March 2015: new work posted

3 new items posted under Oil and Acrylics as well as drawings.

September 2014 - New photos

There are new photos under landscapes / architecture.

They're part of a project in which I enhance existing photos with various kreative effects. A combination of photography and art.

August 2014 - New pictures from my holiday in Sweden.

June 2014 - New pictures from London

I had the pleasure to spend yet again a few days in London and took the oportunity to take a few pictures. This city will never loos its appeal.

Save the date - Art week from April 26th to May 4th

Art week in the Château Relaxart with renowned artists from the region and from Germany.
You can see a few pictures of the first weekend here.
Worth a visit!